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Disabled bathroom Renovation 

We find more and more people are wanting to modify existing bathroom layouts to cater for family members who need extra assistance around the bathroom due to Illness or age. Not all bathroom layouts are user friendly for things as simple as having a shower or using a toilet. 


Catering for specific needs on a case by case basis we are able to taylor a solution to help improve mobility and safety around an area which most of us take for granted. A few of the many areas that can be modified to suite a person with mobility issues would be:

- Ambulant / raised height toilet suites

- Shower base to tile conversions

- Shower seat

- Grab rails

- Wall hung basins to allow wheelchair seated use


Bath/shower to slimline shower base conversion

The pictures below are just a brief range of  changes that can be made to suite you specific needs



The first picture below shows a customers previous bath/shower. They wanted the ease of not climbing in, out and over the edge risking potential injury. The customer also has a less mobile family member at home and requested a custom layout to suit her needs.



The ultra low custom shower base (22mm high) made the trip in and out of the shower seamless and was just one of many options available. The seat and lower body shower sprayer all tailored for her specific requirements. An additional toilet was also installed during the new shower base installation.